Mid-Century Modern Homes For Sale In The D.C. Area (PHOTOS)

"I think mid-century modern homes convey a sense of perfection and calm," says Michael Shapiro, a local realtor who specializes in Don Draper-style homes.

"Clean lines, flat roofs, open spaces, walls of glass and often surrounded by nature. They were designed to blur the line between inside and outside, bringing the light and natural surroundings into the home."

The D.C. area is fairly rich with mid-century modern homes (unfortunately you have to be fairly rich to afford many of them -- but, hey, that's true for all D.C. real estate, right?).

Shapiro found us a trove of homes currently on the market -- they include a lovely three-bedroom on five acres in a quiet part Maryland for $430,000, a historic $7 million home in Northwest D.C., and a whole range in between.

Mid-Century Modern

"This is more attractive to me than a more traditional design with closed off spaces and few windows," Shapiro says. "I don't see why people should live that way today."

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