Middle Eastern Airlines Respond To United Incident With Tone-Deaf Tweets

Too soon?

Two Middle Eastern airlines are trying to make the most of United Airlines’ recent incident.

Shortly after videos and pictures surfaced of a man being violently dragged off of a United Airlines flight, Royal Jordanian airlines attempted to seize the moment with a tweet.

“We are here to keep you #united Dragging here is strictly prohibited,” the tweet said. Unfortunately, the airline didn’t stop there and attempted to fit another bad pun into the graphic accompanying the tweet.

“We would like to remind you that drags on our flights are strictly prohibited by passengers and crew,” the text on a graphic read, accompanied by a “no smoking” graphic. In this case, no “drags” meant “no cigarettes.”

People on Twitter had mixed feelings about the tweet. Some thought it was super shady:

Some thought it was a savage takedown:

Others thought it was poor taste to capitalize on the moment:

Emirates Airlines also tweeted out some shade, using United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz’s own quotes against him.

As Twitter user @sondusjc wrote, “Shots fired.”

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