Middle Of The World Park In Ecuador Not, In Fact, At Middle Of The World

A startling truth about Middle of the World, a theme park owned by the Ecuadorian government, has been exposed by a recent New York Times investigation: The park is not actually at the middle of the world.

At the park, there is a yellow line that is meant to denote the Earth's middle -- 0 degrees latitude, 0 minutes, 0 seconds -- but the Grey Lady reports that the line a couple of hundred feet off.

Administrators told The Times that the monument that sits along the yellow line was deliberately put in a different place when it was built in 1979 because a ravine runs through the land with the Equator. This practical consideration, of course, leads to an inconvenient truth.

The park, which welcomes roughly 500,000 tourists a year according to The Daily Mail, is planning to rectify the issue and construct a structure that would be the tallest man-made tower in the world.

In other news, SeaWorld is not actually located in the ocean, Universal Studios Florida is no where near the actual Universal Studios and Legoland is not a sovereign state.

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