Middle (ST)age Valentine's Day-ting Game

Dating can be a lot like TWISTER. (spin) Right foot, Dave. (spin) Left hand, Mike. (spin) Right hand, Jerry. (spin) Left hand.. and you fall over in a heap because there are too many spins and too many choices.

At least when you're young.

It's not that Dating as a young person isn't an interesting journey. There is no doubt that it is. Particularly going on a first date, or even the first few dates. It really is a time about putting your best self forward. Wearing your best clothes, possibly, or even suppressing that nail biting habit for the time being. You are just trying to find someone that you click with. Your true and perfect soul mate. When you are in your twenties and even thirties, you have the world ahead of you and you are convinced that there is someone just right for you out there.

So, you go on looking. Being young and ever hopeful makes dating about being selective and striving for perfection.

Let's face it, youngins, you have made a list. You heard it was a good idea, so you did it.

You have thought about it, and you know the exact attributes you are looking for in a life partner. He (or she) has to be kind, trustworthy, good-looking, wealthy, have a great job, some substantial savings, a blue sedan of some kind, a nice haircut, a rescued dog (house trained, of course), a knack for cooking, a well-versed knowledge of the kama sutra, and absolutely no previous marriages. Wait. Unless his ex divorced him to go join the clergy because they had a higher calling. That would be okay.

Let's face it, you are pretty idealistic when you are young.

Middle (ST)age dating is a whole different ballgame.

The court is wider in the middle. The pitches are a little slower. The bats have a few more cracks in them. The score keeping gets a little dicey.

You get the picture.

You might need to up your reading glasses to a 2.5, but you get it.

At this stage of life, your list is a little more realistic. Among your list of must haves you might include walking on your own, breathing without assistance, and a little hair. Although, you aren't too picky about where that hair is.

The good news is that if dating is something you are considering, there is a huge new playing field. Online dating. It's like a sea of desperation available at your fingertips. But once you dive into it? It's honestly not so bad. It actually makes it a little easier for us to date in the Middle (ST)age. I mean seriously. There are amazing benefits. You don't have to go into a disco and learn all the newest dances and look like a twitching electrified idiot. You can meet people while sitting in your undies in the privacy of your own home with a can of bud light at your side, or while you are using some sort of depilatory cream. Now THAT'S dating.

The truth is? I have lived it, I have done it, and met some pretty great men. If you want to share your stories, please do. And hey... Stick those single Middle (ST)aged tootsies in that online dating pool. The risk is worth it. You just have to be savvy enough to withdraw your foot if piranhas start nibbling.

Now go watch Middle (ST)age Valentines Day Moments with Marina. You'll feel better about yourself.

Middle (St)age is written by Stacia Fernandez and Jacob Pinion and can be seen in it's entirety on Stage17.tv. Follow Stacia at @Fernandezstacia -- follow her character Marina Lippon at @MarinaLippon or follow her page MIDDLESTAGE on Facebook. Just don't follow her around the grocery store. It makes her nervous.