'Midnight In Paris' At Capitale Transports Us To The 20s (PHOTOS)(NSFW)

"Midnight in Paris," the film that most universally stole people's hearts in 2011, took our scatterbrained narrator's enchantment with the 20s to an illogical extreme. After experiencing our own such brush with the Roaring Twenties last weekend, we see Owen Wilson's point and raise him one glass of champagne approvingly -- if you're going to choose a decade to languish in, choose this one!

Hosted by Seth Greenberg, Henry Stimler, and Yana Tara, last Saturday's "Midnight in Paris" event was a throwback evening of dinner and dancing tastefully set in New York's Capitale building (once a bank). The event space was decked out in the appropriate mood-setters, with an impressive attention to detail -- Rolls Royce out front, gramophone, waitstaff dressed to impress, blues singers, cabaret dancers and a flowing tower of champagne. Partygoers didn't skimp on their end -- the mostly young crowd of women sporting in flapper dresses and feathered headdresses, and their not-so-young male partners in suits and top hats -- the one tipoff that we hadn't actually stepped gone the way of Mr. Wilson being the designer handbags hanging from their arms. Alas, you can only suspend reality so long, we discovered, just as our reliable narrator did.

See photos from "Midnight in Paris," the event (NSFW):

Midnight In Paris