'Midnight In Paris': Woody Allen Film Stars Michael Sheen, Rachel McAdams Talk Love, New Movie

Woody Allen's new film, "Midnight in Paris," seeks to understand romance vs. reality, pitting fleeting relationships in golden era dreams against the reluctantly accepted crush of convenience and safety in modern times.

Introduced to mismatched couples operating in different dimensions, the audience quickly sees that the antagonists, the harsh realists played by Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams, are perfect for each other, if only not for ill-fitting entanglements.

Interesting, then, that Sheen and McAdams, in real life so different from their characters, are now dating; the pair recently admitted their relationship while debuting "Midnight in Paris" at Cannes Film Festival. Speaking to HitFix, they discussed their new film, its messages and characters, as well as working with its legendary director, Woody Allen.