Everything's Coming Up Crazy On The Midseason Return Of 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Welcome back.

Spoilers obviously abound below for Season 2, Episode 10 of "How to Get Away with Murder," "What Happened To You, Annalise?"


There was a fake baby, a real pregnancy, bottles of pills, multiple guns, talk of suicide and lots and lots of exes.

Welcome back to the last six episodes of Season 2 of "How to Get Away with Murder." Oh, how we've missed you, Viola Davis and co.

When last we left this twisted bunch of law school murderers, Asher (Matt McGorry) had killed Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns) and Annalise (Davis) wanted to cover it up by having someone shoot her and blame it on Catherine Hapstall (Amy Okuda). Wes (Alfred Enoch) took this a bit too far and tried to murder Annalise when she provoked him by saying Rebecca (Katie Findlay) was dead. Then it came out that Annalise had known Wes his whole life.

And this is where the fun picks right back up.

Annalise is fine and out of the hospital, but pretty high on pain killers (Like we ever thought this show would kill off its lead, much less when that lead is Viola Davis).

But in a clever twist, Annalise turns out to be taking care of a baby. Except the baby's a hallucination. What the what?!

Who is this baby? Is it meant to be Wes? And why won't it stop crying?

Bonnie (Liza Weil), who has done a complete turnaround from telling Annalise she wanted her to die the last time we saw her, rightly decides that Annalise isn't in any condition to take the stand to accuse Catherine of shooting her. So instead of talking her into staying home, she drugs her. Casual assistant stuff, right?

Michaela (Aja Naomi King) however, who it turns out told everyone else that she was the one who shot Annalise, isn't taking Annalise's absence lightly. She's worried sick over Wes, who doesn't believe that Annalise was lying about Rebecca's death. Annalise has assured Michaela she doesn't know about Rebecca, and wow, is she a good liar.

That lying gets her back on the stand and manipulating the courtroom just how she wants it. While we're all sitting here thinking she's losing her mind (which based on the mysterious baby, she probably is), Annalise still has her legal instincts. Turns out she's buds with Caleb (Kendrick Sampson), and working out a way to save Catherine and her students. All while she's bleeding out on the stand. Only Annalise.

Before we forget: A recap of all the messed-up relationships. Nate (Billy Brown) has been blowing off Annalise, despite him covering for her murdering students multiple times. His reasoning? He still loves her, but can't be around someone that wants to die. The whole framing him for her husband's murder thing doesn't come up.

In other couple news, Frank (Charlie Weber) and Laurel (Karla Souza) are all good, probably because Frank thinks she has murderous potential based on the shooting lie. Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) are also great, and have some great records on hand. Bonnie and Asher aren't back together, and that's probably because Asher is absolutely fixated on the idea that his dad was murdered. Maybe this is a defense mechanism to forget the fact that he murdered someone?

As for lonely Michaela, she gets absolutely destroyed by Caleb, who blames her for his sister's trial. Completely justified Caleb, completely justified. 

And as for Wes, we find him depressed beyond all means. We see him refusing to leave his house, and sitting with a gun in his room. 

At the end of the episode, he's rifling through all of Annalise's stuff, looking for evidence of his past as Christophe. Annalise goes up the stairs in her house, of course as she's not supposed to with her stitches, and finds him laying in her bed. She thinks he's OD'd on the sleeping pills he found, but instead he gets up and tells her he's thinking about making it all stop.

But the way he wants it to all stop is to find out what happened.

And with that, we get a glorious, insane, absolutely absurd turn of a flashback to 10 years earlier.

Annalise is heavily pregnant, meeting Wes' mom, Rose (Kelsey Scott). And we have absolutely no idea how we get from there to Wes' mom committing suicide.

What we do know is Annalise thinks Wes is going to get violent with her in the middle of this memory blast, to which Wes freaks out. 

Annalise responds with "I think you ruined me." More accurate words have never been spoken. Whatever happened in the past with Wes, it clearly messed with her head. There's also the fact that this kid, who she got off the waitlist and into the school she teaches law at, did kill her husband before trying to kill her. It's the small things.

But in more important matters, we end the episode with Annalise happily cradling the imaginary baby she called IT earlier on in her hallucinations. Our bet is her stitches split from the stair climb, and she'll be found in blood next week. 

But that doesn't answer the real question of what in the world is up with this kid? Annalise has previously mentioned being glad for her "miscarriages" and initially is very uncomfortable taking care of this child.

But did she have a baby after all? And if so, where is this 10-year-old? Who is the father? Was she really pregnant? 

Zooming out to the 10,000 feet level, we are missing the typical narrative structure of a flash-forward kill for this show. Last season, the finale was building to Sam's death. This season, we were building to Annalise's shooting. Could this season end with the discovery that someone killed Wes' mom? Could it have been Wes? Annalise? Eve? What in the world is going on?

There are only four more episodes until the season finale, so we should start figuring out the final drive real fast. And someone will also probably get murdered by the end of Season 2 (it's the name of the show after all), so start taking bets now. 

Our guess? It won't be the hallucinated baby.

Odds and Ends

  • Someone needs to get us a pair of Annalise's silk PJ's stat.

  • Is a Wes-Laurel relationship in the works?

  • Does Asher actually believe his dad was murdered?

  • Thankfully, the show's strongest couple is still going -- got to love Connor and Oliver.

  • These kids have a taco night. They may be murderers, but they're just like the rest of us. 

  • Love it when this show tries to imply these kids actually study. Yeah, no.

  • "You all belong in hell" could be the strongest insult thrown by an ex on this show.

  • Wes is missing his plaid. And has a beard. That's what shooting someone does to you.

  • It's pretty much the worst that no one had Asher's number. The worst.

  • More of Frank in a wife-beater, please.

"How to Get Away with Murder" airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


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