The Election's Here, And Stephen Colbert Needs To Know Who Will Win Now!

"Nancy Pelosi said out loud they will win!" Colbert exclaimed.

Election Day is upon us, and Stephen Colbert can’t stand the suspense!

Will the Democrats flip the 23 seats they need to win control of the House?

“They’re feeling alarmingly confident,” Colbert said Monday. “Last week on this very stage, right over there in that seat, Nancy Pelosi said out loud they will win!”

“Then she announced they were changing their logo from the donkey to the cursed monkey’s paw!”

Cable news pundits have been saying that anyone who claims to know how the election will turn out is lying.

“No! You’re lying!” Colbert said. “I need to know! We can figure this out! Modern statistical analysis can tell me exactly who’s gonna win tomorrow – so I can sleep tonight!”

Check out the clip above to see Colbert crunch the numbers.