Midterm Madness, Part Four: The Seven Deadly Sins

Welcome, once again, to our ongoing "Midterm Madness" series, in which we document the overall decline of American political discourse, as it ceaselessly plods towards its psychotic, substance-free end.

And what a month it's been! No one is even pretending to make sense anymore! Instead, the political discussion has become a venue for each and every one of the seven deadly sins to bloom forth with the pungent stench of decay. You can account for them all: Gluttony (pork-eating pols and tequila swilling California ladies), sloth (Jan Brewer's unique "I won't even prepare for my one debate" strategy), envy (Carl Paladino seems to wish that he'd look as good in a Speedo as the gay pride participants that bedevil him), pride (Russ Feingold's "NFL celebration ad; Jack Conway's tough, chewable hide), lust (EVERYWHERE! AND ONLY CHRISTINE O'DONNELL CAN STOP IT!), and wrath (GOOD GOD, THE WRATH, IT IS EVERYWHERE).

Since this is a contest whose winners will suckle daily on the teat of special interest money, the "greed" is all but implied.

Seriously, it's getting very SEVEN-esque out there! There can be little doubt that by the time election day is here, someone will have put Gwyneth Paltrow's head in a box (and that Ben Quayle, a.k.a. "Brock Landers," will have weighed in on whether he would "tap" that).

Please enjoy!


[Video produced by Ben Craw. With thanks to Elyse Siegel.]

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