Midwest Snow Storm 2013: Kansas, Missouri Blanketed In Snow [PHOTOS]

Snow Storm Wallops The Midwest: Here's What It Looks Like In Your Town

Heavy snows swept across the Midwest on Thursday, closing schools and grounding flights in multiple states. Some parts of Kansas reported more than 14 inches of snow. As has happened in the past with other extreme weather events, HuffPost readers were there to document the whole thing in photos.

Below, you can see shots from our readers in Kansas and Missouri, two of the hardest hit states. To submit your own photo, click the green "Add Photos" button below, or email us at openreporting@huffingtonpost.com.

Bev Cress of Topeka told us, "The biggest real damage has been to my diet. I have been making chili, vegetable soup, baked ziti, angel food cake, etc., because we can't get out of the house."

Keep warm and stay safe, everyone!

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