Midwestern Public High School Principal Offers Insight Into Profession Via Reddit 'Ask Me Almost Anything'

High School Principal Participates In Reddit AMAA

The principal of a midwestern public high school participated in a Reddit "Ask me almost anything" last week, offering insight into the nature of his job, as well as his opinion on teachers unions, charter schools and the craziest school prank he's ever witnessed.

Reddit user "Ppal" says he is in his 14th year as an educator and sixth as a principal at a school of about 600 students.

"I love my job, my students, my staff, and my profession," he writes.

Check out the slideshow below to see some of his responses, and click on over to Reddit to see the complete Q&A.

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What do you actually <em>do</em> for most of the day?

High School Principal Reddit AMAA

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