You Never Thought You Needed A Mobile Private Island... Until Now


Why visit a private island when you could design your own... and drive it anywhere you want?

The Migaloo Kokomo Ailand is taking yachting -- and luxury in general -- to a borderline ridiculous new level, with a mobile private island design that rivals even the most elite of tropical beach clubs.

At a whopping 383 feet long (don't worry; you can customize the length to your liking), Kokomo Ailand features a penthouse hundreds of feet above sea level, a glass-bottom jacuzzi and a jungle deck with waterfall pool and lush hanging gardens. Barbecue on your beach deck complete with a pool, swim-up bar, outdoor movie theater and elevator down to a secret beach club. Stroll on the garden deck, or hit the gym and beauty salon on the spa deck.

The island also features laser shows, a helipad, a dance floor, a "shark feeding elevator" and a private underwater dining saloon.

What. is. going. ON?!

Behold, your very own private, floating island. That tiny speck of a human could be YOU!
Courtesy of Migaloo
Aerial views reveal a helipad, palm trees and one of many crystal-clear pools.
Courtesy of Migaloo
Relax on the garden deck, where outdoor dining and sunshine await.
Courtesy of Migaloo
Or maybe the glimmering spa deck is more your style.
Courtesy of Migaloo
The beach deck has an in-pool elevator...
Courtesy of Migaloo
...that leads down to the ultra-secret beach club.
Courtesy of Migaloo
The private island moves thanks to semi-submerged platforms. It's the perfect compliment to any custom-made submarine...
Courtesy of Migaloo you can sail off into the sunset in style.
Courtesy of Migaloo

The Migaloo Kokomo Ailand is available for order through Migaloo Submarines, which also makes custom-designed submarines and yachts.

Pricing is determined largely by the customer's desires, said Christian Gumpold, Migaloo's managing director. He says Kokomo is better than a regular island because you can design it yourself.

"Living on and with the sea will be a future mega trend," Gumpold told The Huffington Post. "The island can be a first step to adapt to this new way of living."

And we're so onboard. But until we can afford an entire island shebang, maybe we'll start with a submarine because why not.

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