Migdalia Ameller Arrested In Case Of Emaciated Animals In SW Miami-Dade

An 65-year-old woman is facing charges in the case of eight emaciated animals found Sunday in Southwest Miami-Dade.

Migdalia Ameller, 65, was arrested Wednesday on charges of animal cruelty, confinement of animals and disposal of bodies of dead animals. Six horses, one cow and one emu were seized by Miami-Dade Police and the South Florida SPCA on Sunday when Ameller was not home, according to a police report.

According to the police report, the starving animals were discovered among the rotting bodies of others who were already dead:

"There was a decaying cow which was covered by a blue tarp along with a deceased horse which was located in a pen. The horses were all emaciated with rib bones, spinal column, hip bones all showing...

"These animals have been diprived (sic) proper grain, hay to sustain body condition. The horses coats (fur) was falling out in chunks from lack of nutrition."

Because she cares for an elderly mother, Ameller was allowed to leave custody on the condition that she promise to appear in court, Miami-Dade Police Detective Aida Fina-Milian told HuffPost Miami.

Ameller's animals were taken to the South Florida SPCA's rescue, where they are still being nursed back to health.

On Monday, a stray, injured and emaciated horse was also seized nearby at 14041 SW 197th Avenue. Champ, as the staff now call him, is still alive but in critical condition, SFSPCA president Jeanette Jordan told HuffPost Miami.

"His scrotum is so infected and swollen with pus that we first thought he was a stallion (he's a gelding)," she said in an email. "[The] vet is returning today to draw blood so we can tell if his internal organs are affected."

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