Mighty Mug Is Un-Toppleable -- Unless You Are Kathie Lee (VIDEO)

Just please don't use it as a punching bag. Also don't let Kathy Lee near it.

Here are some undeniable truths about your HuffPost Taste editors: some of us love coffee and some of us are very clumsy. Usually both at once. That's why we suspect that the Mighty Mug was invented just for us.

This newly designed travel mug protects your computer, phone and other important desk items from the occasionally careless hand or elbow coming woefully into contact with a cup full of liquid. Anyone who has ever destroyed a laptop with their morning coffee remember the cruel irony of the thing that gets them up and running drowning the thing we have to do all our work on. How does it work? Through the use of relatively brilliant suction technology.

When placed on a smooth, flat surface, any mild to moderate pressure from the sides of the cup engage the suction chamber built into the bottom. If you lift the mug straight up, as you normally would to drink from the cup, the seal is broken and it acts like a normal cup that is not attached to your desk. Is the Mighty Mug impossible to knock over? Of course not. If you, like Kathie Lee, feel the inherent need to punch the lights out of any nearby travel mugs, you can knock it over. Please check out Kathie's incredible freak strength wash over her in the video below.

If you are acting normally, this cup will probably save a lot of office paper towels, expletives muttered and coffee wasted. We've just adopted ours as our every day travel mug.

You can get your own Mighty Mug from their website for $14.99. Just please don't use it as a punching bag. Also don't let Kathie Lee near it -- you can't say we didn't warn you.

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