Miguel Caballero Company To Produce Bulletproof Clothing Line For Kids

A chic Colombian company plans to manufacture children's bulletproof clothing to meet U.S. demand for small-sized protective wear in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shooting.

The Miguel Caballero Company has announced plans to add a line of bulletproof clothing for children in coming weeks, according to a company press release. The Bogota, Colombia-based company makes stylish bulletproof clothing -- with costs up to several thousand dollars per item. It hopes to tap into new market demand for bulletproof children's wear after the Newtown massacre earlier this month, reports Agence France-Presse.

The tragedy has caused a spike in sales of armored clothing and guns, as parents worry about protecting their kids and gun enthusiasts worry about restrictive new gun laws.

Miguel Caballero will join other U.S. companies that are already seeing rising customer interest in children's protective wear. Texas-based company, for example, sold 15 bulletproof backpacks on a single day the week after the Connecticut shooting, according to the Associated Press.

Sales of bulletproof backpacks manufactured by Amendment II, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, increased so quickly after Newtown that the website crashed, reported CBS Los Angeles.

Though sales have spiked in recent weeks, the public still appears to be divided on whether the new apparel is a good idea or not, according to a recent poll.

High-profile shootings have been known to increase gun sales in the past, and Newtown was no different. Independent gun stores across the country reported high consumer sales and demand in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. Walmart reportedly sold out of semi-automatic weapons in five states as Americans reacted to the shootings, according to a Bloomberg report.



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