This Legendary Chapel Transforms In A Way You Won't Believe

It's out of this world. 💫

Visiting two places at once is always a thrill... especially when those two places are outer space and one of the most breathtaking chapels in the world:

King's College Chapel, pictured above, is praised as a premier example of late Gothic architecture. As part of The University of Cambridge, it boasts the planet's largest fan vault and a history that dates back to Henry VI.

The cathedral turned even MORE stunning last month, when artist Miguel Chevalier transformed it with a dazzling light display during a fundraiser for the university. Former professor Stephen Hawking spoke about outer space as the legendary cathedral became an undulating galaxy above:

On an everyday tour of the chapel, you'll see stained-glass windows galore. But at the special event, chapel walls morphed into forests, coats of arms and a big, blazing sunscape.

We have to say, it's beyond breathtaking.


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