Miguel's Jump Kick Fail At Billboard Music Awards Results In Singer Landing On Fan's Neck (VIDEO)

The Billboard Music Awards isn't always the jazziest award show of the year, but Sunday's program featured at least one standout moment. R&B crooner Miguel jump kicked from one part of the stage to another during his performance of "Adorn," falling more than a bit short and landing on an audience member's head and/or neck.

No, seriously. Watch:

Miguel adressed the incident on Twitter, noting that he "got caught up in the moment."

Billboard writer Erika Ramirez assured viewers that the audience member was OK:

So there you have it, the R&B version of the WWE:

miguel billboard music awards

Other highlights included Justin Bieber being booed for trying to tell the crowd that he is a real artist, Nicki Minaj giving Lil Wayne a lapdance and Prince absolutely killing it. The Purple One was anointed an Icon by Billboard.

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