Miguel Practiced His Billboard Music Awards Jump Twice, Says Rep

Miguel practiced the Billboard Music Awards jump that resulted in the highly unfortunate "leg drop," which has left audience member Khyati Shah facing possible brain damage.

The singer's representatives told TMZ that BMA producers did not tell Miguel not to jump, in a response to earlier reports from within the show's camp that Miguel had been warned against the stunt. The singer's rep also noted that producers asked Miguel about the stunt so that cameras could capture the moment, a claim that's seemingly supported by the clear shot of the ill-fated leap itself. If Miguel's side of the story is accurate, it would appear as though Billboard reps were trying to cover their bases.

The game of who-said-what has intensified since Shah's attorney revealed that she has been suffering from "difficulties" that suggest "a neurological head injury" and that she may sue relevant parties if her medical exams confirm such suspicions. It's unclear why Shah didn't immediately consult medical professionals, but her lawyer did seem to put failure on the shoulders of the Billboard Music Awards producers. Shah was given an ice pack and appeared in a backstage interview with Miguel.

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