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Miguel Restrepo And Maria Garcia, Colombian Couple, Have Lived In Sewer For 22 Years (PHOTOS) (VIDEO)


Home is where the heart is -- even when that home is a sewer.

Or at least that’s the reality Miguel Restrepo, 62, and his wife María García have known for the past 22 years in Medellín, Colombia.

According to Reuters, the couple transformed an abandoned sewer tunnel--measuring 4.5 feet by 10 feet and 6.5 feet deep -- into a home for themselves and their dog, Blackie. (Check out pictures below)

But Restrepo, a former drug addict, and his wife have made the most of their cramped dwelling located near Medellín’s downtown. Over the years the space has been fitted with a kitchen, TV, fan, a chair, and a bed.

Medellín is the country’s second-largest city, with almost 3.5 million inhabitants. According to the non-profit organization Shine-A-Light, which works to eradicate youth homelessness around the world, there is one homeless child for every 3 to 4 adults residing in the city -- and 30 percent of homeless adults were once homeless children.

Colombian Couple Makes Sewer Their Home

Colombian Couple Makes Sewer Their Home

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