'Morning Joe' Co-Host Mika Brzezinksi's Favorite Things


The "Morning Joe" co-host, whose new book, Obsessed: America's Food Addiction and My Own, is out this month, talks shopping sprees and the pony she'll never forget.

As told to Arianna Davis

Best Day-Starter
Every single morning at exactly 5:10, it's time for my venti extra hot, extra foam, red eye caffè misto from Starbucks. I even grab one on weekends, since my body clock wakes me up early.

Best Compliment
My husband told me that he recently asked my daughters whom they admired most. My 17-year-old said someone cool like Alicia Keys, but my 14-year-old told him: "Mom, because she's confident." That's the best flattery I could ask for.

Best Childhood Memory
At family parties growing up, we used to bring our pony, Strawberry, into the farmhouse where we lived in McLean, Virginia. For some reason, Strawberry could walk up stairs and liked to drink liquor. In high school, I threw a party while my parents were away and rode Strawberry into the house to show her off. After that, all the football players were like, "This girl is weird; let's get out of here."

Best Advice
Don't apologize for asking for what you deserve.

Best Splurge
I know it sounds like working-mother guilt, but I love to take my daughters shopping. It's naughty to live vicariously through them, but I wore secondhand clothes growing up.

Best-Kept Secret
I'm a junk food addict. I work hard to stay fit and talk a lot about our country's weight problems, but as I say in my book, I have my own food obsessions: Entenmann's cookies, Domino's pizza, McDonald's French fries ... oh, my God, those fries. My mouth waters at the thought.

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