Mika Brzezinski Doesn’t Want A Smart Apple TV

"I want a cord attached to my TV so it works."

It looks like Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski won't be pre-ordering an Apple TV, rumored to be unveiled on Wednesday.

Brzezinski said Tuesday that she doesn't understand why a television needs so many features, like video game capabilities, saying she'd be much happier with a TV that requires her to get up and change the channel manually.

"I want to get up out of my chair. I want to walk over to my TV. I want to press the button on it, and I want the TV to turn on," she said.

Brzezinski took her anti-smart TV rant to a whole new level, to include wireless remotes.

"I do not want remotes anymore ... don't have me at [the conference] in San Francisco," she said about Apple's annual announcement event in California. "I will take all of the remotes and I will throw them on the floor!" 

Brzezinski later explained her mistrust of wireless remotes saying, "Who cares if it's wireless, cordless?  I want a cord attached to my TV so it works."