Mika Brzezinski Pulled A Cat Out Of Her Bag On 'Morning Joe'

This was the most unbelievable thing that has ever happened on "Morning Joe." It beats donkeys and alpacas and that poofy pom-pom dog.

Mika Brzezinski pulled a live cat out of her bag Wednesday morning. And not just any cat -- Joe Scarborough's cat.



Yes. That was real. Apparently Scarborough gave his co-host the cat because she was being a little "aggressive."

"I've been working with her Joe, you have to learn to handle her better," Brzezinski said.

"You mean keep her in a bag!?" Scarborough yelled.

"No... you just have to give her love and you have to take care of her and you never, ever -- look at me -- you never ignore her."

The 'Morning Joe' panel's reaction was perhaps the best part of this entire segment. Looks of pure horror took over as the cat emerged from the bag:


reaction cat



Watch the video to see it all.

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