Mika Brzezinski's Dad Finally Appears On 'Morning Joe'... And He Might Never Be Back Again

Mika Brzezinski might be regretting persuading her father to come on "Morning Joe."

The MSNBC co-host said she has been trying to get her dad, the former National Security Advisor, to be a guest on her show for quite some time, but that he continued to turn her down. He cancelled his scheduled appearance last Friday, and left Brzezinski feeling defeated.

"You can't get him on this show," she said. "At least I couldn't book him!"

But when she finally did get him on the program this Friday morning, she probably wished she had just let him stay home.

"You remind me in terms of personality of someone that we nowadays in our household call Daisy," he said, referring to the family dog.

"That dog's bad," Brzezinski said.

"No, very cute, very charming, a bit unpredictable…I won’t go into details,” he responded.

Mr. Brzezinski added that his daughter was "totally" impatient as a child, which certainly got a good laugh out of co-host Joe Scarborough.

"Thanks Dad," she said. "I'm sort of diminished now."

Watch the video for the full clip on MSNBC.

(h/t: TVNewser)



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