Mika Brzezinski Accuses Glenn Greenwald Of 'Misleading' Coverage (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mika Brzezinski Levels Allegation Against Glenn Greenwald

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On Tuesday, Mika Brzezinski accused the media of "misleading" coverage on Edward Snowden and the NSA's surveillance programs.

Her comments came during a discussion about Snowden, the source who leaked information about the NSA's secret programs to the Guardian and the Washington Post, on "Morning Joe." Scarborough remarked that Snowden looked like a "weasel," while contributor Richard Haass cautioned against calling the former NSA contractor a "whistleblower" — a debate that news outlets have been engaged in.

"That's right," Brzezinski agreed. "That I think is an intellectual true analysis of what he is and he's not a whistleblower."

“He's not a whistleblower, okay?” she stressed to Scarborough. "And it’s actually been very misleading the way this story's been covered, even by the reporter himself... who’s super, super close to the story, okay?”

"The government's been misleading us all along," Scarborough responded.

"Okay, but let's also make sure we analyze everyone involved, including the press, which isn't perfect either," Brzezinski said.

The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald — who is known for his opposition to government intrusion on privacy — broke the story about the NSA's secret surveillance of Verizon customers' phone records last week.

He later raced the Washington Post's Barton Gellman and documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras, who broke the story about the NSA's PRISM program the next day. On Monday, he appeared on "Morning Joe," where he sparred with Brzezinski and accused her of using "White House talking points."

Greenwald was recently in Hong Kong with Poitras to interview Snowden, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. Greenwald has promised "more significant revelations" about government surveillance to come.

CORRECTION: This article originally misspelled MSNBC contributor Richard Haass's name as Richard Haas.

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