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Inside Mika Brzezinski And Jim Hoffer's Gorgeous 1920s English Tudor Home Designed By Larry Burns (PHOTOS)

Find out why the "Morning Joe" host's husband was "a little horrified at first."

When MSNBC's "Morning Joe" host and author Mika Brzezinski purchased a 1920s English Tudor-style house last year in Bronxville, New York with her reporter husband Jim Hoffer, she knew exactly where to turn for help when it came to revamping the outdated and dark abode. Interior designer Larry Burns gave the home a fresh, contemporary look where the couple and their two daughters (and adorable Hurricane Katrina rescue dog) could enjoy living and entertaining.

Burns told us that Brzezinski is "the perfect client" because she let him take his vision and run with it. The TV host told us, "I knew Larry had an eye, so I have found that when you give brilliant people the room to create, good things happen." So, to let him work his magic, she "gave him a budget and then got out of his way." And the finished result is stunning -- a series of spaces with a unified breezy palette of soft greens, blues and muted golds and lots of natural sunlight.

When we asked the homeowner what initially attracted her to this home, she told us "the scale of the rooms -- I love big spaces. I want to feel like I can take a running start and leap into my couch." Brzezinski pointed out that her favorite elements of her newly designed place include the big comfy furniture in every room, along with the overall casual and livable design. For Burns, he especially loved creating the living room, which he explained was formerly an artist's studio. "It's just the right kind of nook where you would enjoy spending an afternoon reading a book."

It was important to Brzezinski to include family photos and mementos, like a photo of her father playing chess with Menachem Begin at the Camp David Peace Accords, a piece of driftwood that her mother collected in Maine and Hoffer's Emmy awards in every room, although she told us "my husband, who doesn't like to be the center of attention, was a little horrified at first." But these personal details are precisely what makes this house a vibrant home.

Click through the photos of Brzezinski beautiful spaces, and less us know which room is your favorite in the comments below.

Mika Brzezinski's Home

Mika Brzezinski's Home

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