Mika Brzezinski, "Morning Joe" Respond To "View" Vibrator Challenge (VIDEO)

As you probably know, the panels from The View and Morning Joe have been sparring back and forth on the subject of vibrators, the necessity thereof, Mika Brzezinski's embarrassment, Joe Scarborough's pioneering battles over the rights of self-pleasure, and ... let's just say "economic stimulus." This is America's Next Top Sex Toy Battle, for which we at the Huffington Post have been proud to play the fluffer. In the latest part of this eloquent and elevated morning conversation -- which aired this morning on your Morning Joe -- Willie Geist praises The View, Scarborough deems Barbara Walters "legendary," and Brzezinski slowly rolls up a sheaf of paper into a suggestive shape. Other than that, I am presenting this video without comment.

Okay. One comment: at some point Mike Barnicle starts making vibrator noises, and that's maybe an image you'll have a hard time banishing from your mind's eye. Perhaps we have escalated this too far? Anyway, be warned. Be very warned.


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