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Mika Brzezinski Of 'Morning Joe' Goes Behind The Scenes Of New York Fashion Week With Cosmo (VIDEO)

New York Fashion Week is officially underway, which means the biggest and most brilliant names in fashion have all flocked to the city to showcase their new collections.

Mika Brzezinski of "Morning Joe" visited her first Fashion Week show this week with Cosmopolitan magazine's Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles and got a crash course in the style business.

"We had what 55 million tourists last year, all of them are shopping. It's a huge business, but it's a really fun business. It's social, it's creative. You've got crazy people at the center of it," Coles told Brzezinski at her Cosmo offices.

"This is part of New York's fingerprint: Fashion Week," said Brzezinski.

Coles also discussed what Cosmopolitan looks for in a model, the challenging modern dating game and how Cosmo’s message hasn't changed over the years.

“We are very focused on the DNA of the magazine, which was what Helen Gurly Brown the great editor of the 21st century was really brilliant at creating, which is about confidence and women having a voice,” explained Coles.

Watch the video above for the full clip.

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