Mika Brzezinski: Obama 'Made A Mistake' With Kamala Harris Comment (VIDEO)

Mika Brzezinski: Obama Made A Mistake

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Mika Brzezinski criticized President Obama on Friday over a controversial comment about California's Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Obama recently referred to Harris as "the best-looking attorney general in the country." On Friday's "Morning Joe," several panelists said that they thought the remark was "dumb," "stupid but minor," and "objectified women."

Brzezinski -- a strong Obama supporter -- weighed in, saying:

"I'm sure he meant to pay her a compliment... but quite frankly, it just divides women and it just divides people up to separate them by looks and probably was a little ham-fisted. I just think the whole thing, the whole dynamic about women and their looks puts women under a lot of stress that they don't need. and they should be sort of talked about by their qualities at work, especially when he is introducing someone because she is the attorney general. I actually think, you know, he meant to do -- say something nice. I think he made a mistake."

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