Mika: Sue Trump for Defamation, Challenge Him to IQ Test and Debate

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Mika, you said that you are concerned about the country. So are tens of millions of Americans, and so is the world.

You can do something about it.

Someone has to do it. You are a mom. So, you know it has to be done.

Donald Trump behaves like a 3 year-old. Or, rather, misbehaves in the ways 3 year-olds do.

Like a naughty 3 year-old, he needs a good spanking.

He said you have a low IQ. That’s defamation, especially in your profession.

The way to spank Donald Trump is to sue him, for a lot of money. He settled his “Trump University” fraud case for $25 million before he had to give testimony under oath, despite his claims that he never settles. Why? Because he choices were perjury or paying up. He decided to pay up.

You should file a claim for $200 million.

Depositions and trial testimony, under oath, are not hospitable places for malignant narcissists and pathological liars.

If you file a lawsuit, crowdfund the expenses. Thousands of people would contribute. You could hire the best defamation and First Amendment team in the country.

Once you file, challenge Trump to take an IQ test, in the same room, at the same time, as you do. Then, compare the results.

Also, challenge Trump to a debate. He says he does not like what you (or Scarborough) say on your program. He has claimed he a) knows more about ISIS than the generals; b) knows more about healthcare than anyone; c) has the best words.

Let us see Trump go head to head with you, in a debate, on substantive matters.

Imagine, losing an IQ standoff, and a debate, and a defamation lawsuit….to a girl!

In the context of the lawsuit, there is a reasonable chance the judge word compel him to take an IQ test (i.e., how to define “low”) anyhow, so sooner or later we will get that information. You could also subpoena his transcripts from his prep school and university. He keeps telling us he is very smart. Let’s see.

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice also has a clear defamation claim against Trump. He said, without qualification, that she committed a crime when she unmasked a US person in contact with a Russian source. She didn’t. Being accused by the President of the United States of having committed a crime that you did not commit is defamation. That, too, is probably worth $200 million.

Please, Mika. We know it will not be easy. Trump will come after you…but, he is anyhow. Your defamation claim is narrow, it is about your IQ.

We also realize that to sue him is to get down in the gutter with him. But, it is the only way to stop a guttersnipe.

There is another benefit to filing the lawsuit. Once filed, it is in the hands of your attorneys. They can answer Trump’s raging tweets, and expose any threats and so forth. They can also continue to taunt him about taking the IQ test, and debating you.

Please, for the sake of your children, for the sake of the country, for the sake of the world…do this.