'Mike & Molly': Victoria Convinces Molly To Smoke Marijuana, Leading To Hilarity In The Funeral Home

One side effect of Molly's mid-life crisis on "Mike & Molly" is that she's open to having a lot more fun and taking more chances. While Mike was discovering some rather explicit writing on her laptop, Molly was spending some quality time with her sister, Victoria. Molly had always been the good girl, while Victoria was the wild child who knew how to party, and score great weed.

She convinced the new-and-improved Molly to loosen up and light up, which led to a hilarious romp through the funeral home where Victoria works as a beautician. Molly was able to get over her fear of dead people, and even participated in one of Victoria's favorite pastimes: climbing into caskets.

The two jumped inside a pair of side-by-side caskets and tried to hide when the cleaning lady came in. But they were high and snacking and could not control the giggles, or their own impish behavior. When the cleaning lady came up for a closer look, Molly popped up and offered her a Bugle. The woman, understandably, was terrified.

While we have no idea where Molly is going in her life -- we suspect she doesn't either -- it sure is proving a blast watching Melissa McCarthy bring something new, and yet familiar to her legions of big-screen fans, to the role.

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