Mike Bacsik Twitter Tirade: Ex-Pitcher Sends Racist Tweet

Former MLB pitcher Mike Bacsik is quickly backtracking from an offensive tweet he wrote during Sunday night's Mavericks-Spurs game. When Dallas forward Eduardo Najera was ejected for a flagrant foul on Spurs guard Manu Ginobili in the fourth quarter, Bacsik, a Mavericks fan, was incensed: "Congrats to all the dirty mexicans in San Antonio," he tweeted.

The pitcher-turned-radio producer struck a more apologetic tone this afternoon. "I'm sorry for my horribly insensitive tweet last night about the Hispanic comm. in San Antonio. I apologize and I hope u can forgive me," he wrote.

The old tweets have been deleted, but The Big Lead and Sporting Blog have screengrabs of the entire series of angry messages.