Mike Bloomberg's Call To Support A Lying President Is Not Just Naive, It's Dangerous

Mike Bloomberg’s recent statement on The View that all Americans should “get behind” President Trump is simply inexplicable. Not to mention, frightening. That someone as intelligent and anti-discriminatory as he, is willing to ignore/overlook the daily mushroom clouds of disaster engulfing this administration and put out a call for ‘unity,’ on national television, is terrifying. Is he not living in the same reality as the rest of us?

To pretend, even for a minute, that we support, accept, or at the very least, tolerate the actions of this petulant man-child and his administration is to seal our fate as a fascist, racist state. After all, as recently as a few days ago, he appointed yet another bigot to help run the country. To Joy Behar’s credit, even before Bloomberg finished his “Kumbaya” rhetoric, she cut him off with a “That’s f’d up, bro. You do what you want. We’re gonna #Resist.” retort. If you know anything about body language, a tiny eyebrow wiggle on camera means, “I’m gonna vomit,” and hers were doing backflips.

The only rationale behind the former Mayor of NYC coming out with such an ignorant statement would be if he was planning on running, himself, in 2020, and wants to play “Mr. Highground.”

However, if you’ve glanced around lately, Mr. Mayor, now is not the time for remaining silent, or, much less, taking the high road, when we’re up against nothing short of a Regime of Evil. You don’t Make America Great Again by closing our borders, killing our environment, repealing our health care, defunding our schools, ostracizing our allies and those different from us, cozying up to our enemies, censoring the press, and offering endless tax breaks for the rich. In fact, that’s the recipe for destroying America. However, despite all of the above, Mr. Bloomberg still feels we should support this campaign of transparent deceit and get behind the lead architect of our demise. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

Additionally, Mr. Mayor, as everyone knows by now, Trump lost the popular vote by several million. So, to say he’s the “People’s Choice” and that the “Public has spoken,” is beyond ignorant. All that “spoke” was an archaic rule on the books since the Civil War, which was just as ridiculous in 1917 as it is in 2017. We simply have a congress that refuses to change it because both parties depend on it from time to time, so The People lose again. The overwhelming majority of Americans did not vote for Donald Trump, thus, he is not our president. Especially, not after witnessing the shit show that is the past five months. Thus, to treat this administration like any other, and normalizing their abnormalities by cavalierly saying, “in four years we can elect someone else,” is a shockingly ambivalent approach. In four years there won’t be anything left.

The N.Y. Times just published a piece which documents every lie Trump has told since his inauguration. It’s staggering. And, to think a man as upstanding and compassionate as Mike Bloomberg simply chooses to ignore this particularly disturbing trait in our POTUS, makes one’s head spin. Forget about the obstruction, forget about the potential Russia collusion, forget about the potential violation of a thousand ethics laws, and forget about his attempted passing of half a dozen illegal pieces of legislation. To suggest we, as a nation, should blindly get behind and support a man who operates solely from his own self-interest, just because he received a few more electoral votes from a broken system, is mind boggling. And to think he’s miraculously going to start “doing good” is as naive as a five-year-old girl thinking a prince on a unicorn is going to show up and rescue her.

Donald Trump is as unfit to be president as anyone who’s ever held the office. He is the poster child for what’s wrong with the electoral college, not to mention the country. The anti-J.F.K. His “Ask what your country can do for you” mentality is exactly the type of selfish, me-first sense of short-sighted entitlement that will sink us all. The job of The People is not to blindly accept anyone who holds office, regardless of their policies. Rather, for those of us who still believe in the principles this nation was founded on, it is our job to actively resist such tyranny. Now, more than ever. Sorry, Mr. Mayor. Be it four more years, four more months, or four more weeks. You’re on your own.