Mike Bost Meltdown: 7 YouTube Tributes To Illinois Rep's 'Let My People Go' Tirade (VIDEOS)

If you haven't yet seen it, you're probably alone: In an epic tirade that went insta-viral, Republican Illinois state representative Mike Bost late last month screamed, threw papers, punched the air and referenced the Bible while discussing a pension reform bill.

"Total power in one person's hand -- not the American way!" Bost, from downstate Murphysboro, screamed about the powerful Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan's move to bring a pension bill to the House floor for consideration before lawmakers could read it closely.

"Enough!" Bost bellowed. "I feel like somebody trying to be released from Egypt. Let my people go! .. I'm trapped by rules that have been forced down our throats."

Bost has since commented that he was surprised by the attention that the video has received. Bost voted in 1995 in favor of the same, Republican-sponsored rule he was contesting that allows for debate to blocked, but has since called that vote a mistake.

The lawmaker told WJBC that, although he does "regret that I used two cuss words at the start," he stands by the heart of the message.

"People have to know that we’ve been under this tyranny of Madigan writing the rules for all these years," he continued.

The tantrum -- which the Washington Post's Aaron Blake called "one of the great political rants of all time" -- has, as can be expected, inspired a number of tributes and parodies on YouTube, ranging from Metallica-soundtracked clips to dubstep -- and even "rage step" -- remixes. Below, we've chosen seven of our favorites for your perusal, some of which contain NSFW language.



7 YouTube Tributes To Mike Bost