Oscar Nominees As You've Never Seen Them Before: In Mike Breach's Coffee Foam Art!

Even if you've seen all the Oscar-nominated films, you haven't seen them like this.

Mike Breach, 28, a New York barista, specializes in "baristart," a self-coined term for art made in the foam of lattes.

Using only a toothpick, Breach is able to mark detailed faces in the foam, only to have his coffee creations fade away quickly.

Breach started his work to avoid boredom. "I had massive amounts of time at a lonely hotel barista station with not too many orders," Breach told The Huffington Post in an email interview.

"I passed the time challenging myself with increasingly complex designs... People really reacted to it so I kept going and here I am today."

Each portrait takes about five minutes to make and lasts about as long.

  • Mike Breach
    Breach sometimes surprises customers with special artworks. <a href="
    Erin Mulvehill & @illy_Coffee
    Breach sometimes surprises customers with special artworks. Singer Grace Jones was especially impressed with a portrait he did of her. “I got to meet her and we hung out a little bit,” he told ABC News.
  • 12 Years A Slave
    Erin Mulvehill & @illy_Coffee
  • Gravity
    Erin Mulvehill & @illy_Coffee
  • The Wolf Of Wall Street
    Erin Mulvehill & @illy_Coffee
  • Her
    Erin Mulvehill & @illy_Coffee
  • American Hustle
    Erin Mulvehill & @illy_Coffee
  • Philomena
    Erin Mulvehill & @illy_Coffee
  • Dallas Buyer's Club
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  • Nebraska
    Erin Mulvehill & @illy_Coffee
  • Captain Phillips
    Erin Mulvehill & @illy_Coffee



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