The 15 Best Twitter Jokes About Mike Carey After He Blew It Again

"Let's go to Mike Carey to find out what the call isn't."

Another game, another whiffed analysis from CBS “officiating expert” Mike Carey.

Carey, who was an NFL referee in another life, has warmed the hearts of Internet trolls everywhere this year by continually blowing calls on big-time broadcasts, making predictions day in and day out that prove incredibly off base.

So it was no surprise that it took only a few minutes of Sunday’s AFC Championship Game for Carey to fumble on national TV once more -- delighting those very same Twitter trolls in the process.

What happened was this: The Denver Broncos had the ball, and Peyton Manning, facing pressure, threw the ball to his left. The pass was ruled incomplete, before a New England Patriots challenge led referees to overturn the on-field call, deeming it an illegal backwards pass instead. Carey, of course, got the call exactly wrong.

Here were some of the best Internet responses to his latest miscue:


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