Right-Wing Troll Mike Cernovich Gets Brilliantly Trolled By Comedy Central's 'Problematic'

Watch as Moshe Kasher delivers comedic payback.

Score one for Comedy Central’s Moshe Kasher. The host of “Problematic” managed to troll one of the Internet’s most notorious right-wing trolls.

Mike Cernovich, a supporter of President Donald Trump and an organizer of the right-wing “DeploraBall” held before the inauguration, sat down for an interview in an episode that aired earlier this week.

“I always say ‘no’ to TV because all you people want to do is edit things out of context,” Cernovich said.

“I give you my word, we would never edit you out of context like that,” Kasher vowed. “That’s not the kind of show we do here.” 

Turns out that’s exactly what he did. Check it out in the video above.

Cernovich, for his part, took it in stride ― although not without a dig at another Comedy Central show: 


(h/t Mediaite)