Mike Colter Hints At Return Of Heroes For Hire In 'Luke Cage'

Will #SquadGoals be redefined? We need answers.

Superhero team Heroes For Hire was a staple of Marvel’s “Luke Cage” in its paperback-only days. But in a conversation with The Huffington Post, Mike Colter, who plays Cage in the Netflix series, hinted at a possible return of the fictional organization that employs superheroes as private investigators. 

Colter told host Lauren Moraski in the above video that, while Cage is focused on personal growth in the series’ first season, Heroes — as well as Iron Fist — will gradually integrate themselves into the show’s storyline. 

“This first season is about becoming Luke Cage and defining who he is,” Colter said. “Obviously, everybody knows that Iron Fist is something that’s going to be installed later. And Heroes For Hire is kind of an Iron Fist thing. You will see Heroes For Hire [eventually].”

According to Colter, viewers will just have to watch the show in order to find out when the organization will establish its place in the series. 

Watch the full conversation with Mike Colter below: 



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