Mike D Explains 'Illin' On The Colbert Report (VIDEO)


Crossword's aren't typically a source of controversy, but when they are, they're the most lovable ones, ever. The latest, and possibly only one, ever, comes to us from the apex of all word games -- the New York Times crossword puzzle. The Times' puzzle editor Will Shortz may have made a crucial error when he didn't quadruple check his definition for 'illin', and gave as his clue: "Wack, in hip hop." According to freelance writer Julieanne Smolinski, that clue is wack. She wrote to the Times, "These are not the same things at all!" thereby unleashing the war of words we find ourselves in now. Shortz struck back, defending his definition and citing the Dictionary of American Slang, the Dictionary of Contemporary Slang and Urban Dictionary as his sources. So who do we trust? Luckily, we have Beastie Boys' "head grammarian" Mike D on hand, and Stephen Colbert to ask him "Whatcha, whatcha whatcha think?"

Watch, and learn:

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