Mike Huckabee Has A F*&king Problem With Women Cursing At Work

Mike Huckabee Has A F*&king Problem With Women Cursing At Work

According to Mike Huckabee, it's "just trashy" for a woman to curse in the workplace.

In a Friday radio interview highlighted by ThinkProgress, the former Arkansas governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate detailed the culture shock he experienced while filming his Fox News show in New York.

"In a business meeting that you might have in the south or in the midwest there in Iowa, you would not have people who would just throw the F-bomb and use gratuitous profanity in a professional setting," Huckabee told Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson. "In New York, not only do the men do it, but the women do it. You just are looking around saying, 'My gosh, this is worse than locker room talk.' This would be considered totally inappropriate to say these things in front of a woman. And for a woman to say them in a professional setting, we would only assume that this is is a very, as we would say in the south, 'That's just trashy!'"

"Would you figure they do it because that's what they expect and that's what women, if they want to be perceived as equal they have to be just as debased as guys?" Mickelson asked.

"I think that's part of it. It is so common that it's not even perceived as being profanity," Huckabee replied. "That's what's so amazing to me."

Huckabee apparently shares sensibilities with Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, who complained to New York Magazine in 2013 about modern society's "coarseness of manners."

"You can't go to a movie -- or watch a television show for that matter -- without hearing the constant use of the F-word -- including, you know, ladies using it," Scalia said. "But if you portray it a lot, the society's going to become that way. It's very sad."

Salty-tongued women are just the latest target for Huckabee, who has been bolstering his conservative bonafides while promoting his new book, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. He recently described Beyonce's music as "mental poison" and criticized President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, for letting their daughters listen to the pop icon's music. He also called Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z, a "pimp" for "exploiting his wife as a sex object."

Hear Huckabee's comments above.

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