Mike Lindell Melts Down When Expert Tries To Claim His $5 Million Cyber-Bounty

The MyPillow guy's disastrous "Cyber Symposium" could cost him.

A security expert says he wants to collect the $5 million bounty Mike Lindell put out for anyone who can disprove his conspiracy theories about 2020 election data.

And the MyPillow CEO is predictably not handling it very well.

“It had nothing to do with my data,” he ranted to podcaster Steve Bannon on Wednesday.

Bill Alderson of the Texas-based Security Institute told Dakota News Now that he registered for the challenge and attended the disastrous “Cyber Symposium,” where Lindell was supposed to present “packet captures” proving his wild claims about the presidential election being stolen from President Donald Trump.

But Alderson ― who told Salon he is a Trump supporter and hoped to prove Lindell right ― said the pillow baron gave him and other experts in attendance nothing.

“We were unable to get the data from the actual 2020 election. Very disappointing,” he told Dakota News Now, adding: “Every person who came specifically looking for those p-caps was very disappointed. Some were somewhat angry.”

Now he wants Lindell to pony up the dough, giving Lindell’s attorneys proof the claims are bunk.

Lindell told Bannon his attorney is looking into it but claimed the experts were analyzing the wrong data.

“I’m not sure what’s wrong with Mike,” Alderson told the website. “He’s like those desperate Afghanis clinging to the side of a C17 as it tries to take off from the Kabul airport.... Let’s just hope he’s able to jump before he falls to his death.”

Other experts came to a similar conclusion.

Josh Merritt, who was on the team hired by Lindell, told the Washington Times that the so-called evidence is “a turd.”

And election security expert Harri Hursti, who was brought to Lindell’s event by CNN to analyze any supposed evidence, said there was nothing.

“We expected a huge pile of data, which we wouldn’t be able to understand, and how it can be evidence,” Hursti said. “We didn’t expect there’s no pile of anything.”

He told Dakota News Now that he heard Lindell withdrew the offer ― but that if it was on the table, he wanted a piece of the $5 million.

“Share it amongst us, that’s fine,” Alderson agreed. “I’d like my share.”

Lindell was once best known for his ubiquitous pillow informercials, but in recent years he’s became a star in the right-wing political circuit and close ally of Trump.

He’s being sued for libel by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3 billion over his debunked claims of election fraud.

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