Mike Lindell Makes Bats**t Claim About Fox News' Role In 2020 Election

The MyPillow CEO won't give his conspiracies a rest, concocting this one about Fox News.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Thursday accused Fox News of playing a “big part” in the mass 2020 voter fraud that he claims was Donald Trump’s downfall in the election. (Watch the video below.)

Lindell, a vociferous election denier who has appeared on Fox News and other right-wing outlets to shout his pro-Trump conspiracy theories, now says Fox News was somehow wrapped up in the election “steal” and suppressed the flow of information.

This would be the same Fox News that just paid Dominion Voting Systems gobs of money to settle a lawsuit because the network falsely and repeatedly claimed that balloting machines were rigged against Trump.

Be warned: Following Lindell’s addled argument could prove challenging.

“I believe Fox played a big part in this election crime because back then, they called Arizona early,” he said, referring to the channel’s correct election night projection that Biden would win the swing state, which angered viewers.

“Smartmatic sued Fox News on Feb. 4 of 2021,” Lindell continued in a nod to another voting technology company suing Fox for defamation. “That started lawfare in this whole country. Since that time people like me have not been able to go on any conservative media and talk about our election. ... So Fox News has been suppressing for some reason and they make this deal with Dominion?”

Interviewer Chris Cuomo of NewsNation noted that Fox can’t produce evidence of something that never occurred, and that it got into trouble for asserting fraud did happen. And it’s facing more legal jeopardy. Not to mention that dozens of Trump-led legal election challenges went nowhere in the courts.

Lindell claimed he subpoenaed Fox for evidence “and they won’t give us anything.”

“But Mike, Mike, they’re not gonna produce evidence of the nonexistence of the election being rigged,” Cuomo replied. “And they did more than anybody else did to fuel the speculation, which is how they got jammed up with Dominion.”

Last week, Lindell was ordered to pay $5 million to man who debunked his theory about Chinese interference in the 2020 election in the bedding mogul’s 2021 “Prove Mike Wrong” challenge.

Lindell is also facing a $1.3 billion defamation suit from Dominion.

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