Mike Lindell's New Product For Christmas Is Terrifying In 'Jimmy Kimmel' Spoof

The election-denying MyPillow CEO has a gift "just in time for the non-Jewish holidays" in the comedy clip.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell apparently had time to invent a new product while falsely blaming Donald Trump’s election loss on voting machines and getting sued for it. (Watch the video below.)

Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday posted a spoof of Lindell (played by James Adomian) promoting the gift idea “just in time for the non-Jewish holidays”: a plush doll called Mike Lindoll.

And it’s the perfect toy for children of wacko reactionaries. The clip shows one kid pulling the string and the doll proclaiming: “A liberal war on Christmas is being funded by homosexual bitcoins.”

But wait, there’s more: