A Children's Book Illustrator Turns Little-Known Facts Into Art

Trivia nerds: Mike Lowery imbues truth with whimsy.

You know that irritatingly tiny pocket-within-a-pocket hiding out on most pairs of jeans? It can only hold about five quarters, and therefore is pretty much useless, so what’s it doing interfering with an otherwise functional outfit?

It turns out, the small pocket is not an outdated fashion trend or some droll prank drummed up by Levi Strauss himself. When jeans were invented in the 1870s, that little compartment was meant to hold pocket watches often carried by cowboys.

Children’s book illustrator Mike Lowery highlights this and other quirky facts on his Instagram feed, where he compiles twee scenes of furry animals accompanying lesser-known tidbits of knowledge. Most of the facts are kid-friendly, but there are a few for all ages, too. To find out precisely how many offspring a notoriously busy pair of rabbits can birth in a given year, see below or check out his Instagram feed

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