Ohio GOP Lawmaker Hilariously Mocked For Taking Founding Fathers Literally

After state Rep. Mike Loychik said the founders never intended D.C. statehood, one tweeter noted that they didn't foresee the invention of the Dorito either.

The House of Representatives on Thursday approved legislation that would turn Washington, D.C., into a state, but some people are protesting the move with potentially dubious claims.

Case in point: Ohio state Rep. Mike Loychik (R) took to Twitter on Thursday to assert that the founding fathers never wanted D.C. to be a state.

It’s true that Washington was made into a separate district rather than a state, but many Twitter users weren’t impressed with Loychik’s argument. They pointed out a whole bunch of things that are an accepted part of American culture that the founders also never intended (and vice versa). Take a look:



Monuments in Washington D.C.