Mike McCaul On Immigration Bill: 'Bunch Of Candy' Thrown At Border

Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Sunday that the money for border security proposed as part of the immigration legislation passed by the Senate was "a bunch of candy" offered to secure votes for the bill's passage.

Speaking on CBS' "Face The Nation," McCaul said, "What the Senate just passed was, again, a bunch of, you know, candy thrown down there, a bunch of assets thrown down there to gain votes, but without a methodical, smart border approach."

McCaul said he is worried that the Senate bill does not offer real solutions for the border. "I have some concerns about the border security piece that was laid out in the Senate bill, in terms of throwing $46 billion at a problem without any plan, without any strategy, without any definition of operational control," he said.

McCaul added that he favors a bill recently passed by his committee that focuses on border security as the centerpiece of immigration legislation. The recently passed Senate legislation addresses multiple aspects of immigration reform, including both border security and a potential pathway to citizenship for immigrants who came to the country illegally.

McCaul suggested that the House bill could look very different from the one passed in the Senate, saying that, "In the House, we're going to do our own thing."

As far as the Senate's bill goes, McCaul said, "We'll take a look at it."



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