Superman Fans Worldwide Save Disabled Man's Stolen Comic Book Collection (VIDEO)


In true superhero fashion, fans around the world swooped in to help a lifelong Superman devotee rebuild his stolen comic book collection and put the thief behind bars.

"He stole a part of me," Mike Meyer, 48, told of the incident. "He invaded my privacy."

Back in September, a couple named Gary and Sara befriended Meyer, but quickly took the villainous route when they nabbed 1,800 of his comics, a collection he had been amassing since he was 10 years old, FOX reports. News of the injustice spread to Facebook, Twitter and industry blogs, bringing heroes in many forms -- and capes -- coming forward to help.

Do-gooders set up a Facebook page to raise awareness and comic book donations came in from China, Australia, India and Paraguay and Superman's birthplace, Cleveland, according to Reuters.

"A collector knows how important a collection is," Keith Howard, a friend of Meyer's told the news outlet.

Howard banded together with fellow fans and surprised Meyer at the Illinois McDonald's where he works, armed with nearly 200 pounds of donated memorabilia on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

And when the man who allegedly stole Meyer’s collection, Gerry Ambruster, was caught and sentenced to six years for two separate crimes, the Superman aficionado got the happy ending he was hoping for.