'Mike & Molly' Creator Mark Roberts FIRES BACK At <em>Marie Claire</em> Blogger Maura Kelly

"Mike & Molly" creator Mark Roberts has spoken out about Maura Kelly's "Should 'Fatties' Get A Room?" blog post for Marie Claire, calling Kelly's words hateful and saying that he feels sorry for her.

Roberts spoke to Fancast about the situation:

Did you at first think it might be some sort of joke or piece of satire?
I wasn't quite sure what it was except hateful. It just seemed pretty hateful. It seemed like something someone would say when they're really drunk at a party with their other hateful friends, but may be not good to write down and put it out for people to look at.


Ms. Kelly - who admits to having never seen 'Mike & Molly' - said she'd be "grossed out" not even to watch the leads kiss, but to watch them "do anything."
It's something you would hear one of the really stupid girls say in a high school cafeteria. It's not something you expect to come from an adult. She did apologize, but I'm taking her off my Facebook friends.

Roberts added that, "This show is about how everybody in the world deserves to have love, so to have somebody come out and say that these people should not even be seen in public is insane." He also joked that in an upcoming episode, Molly will cancel her subscription to Marie Claire.