Wedding Bells On The 'Mike & Molly' Season Finale, But Did They Get Married? (VIDEO)

'Mike & Molly' Season Finale: Did They Get Married?

On the Season 2 Finale of "Mike & Molly" (Thu., 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS) viewers wanted to know: would the pair make it down the aisle at last?

Molly (Melissa McCarthy) had a series of unfortunate wedding day disasters such as a terrible updo at the hair salon, a broken-down car and a lift from a drug dealer.

As the nervous bride told Mike, "if I get hit by lightning between here and the altar, which, based on the day I’ve been having could actually happen ... "

However, in the end the couple did tie the knot, which led to much rejoicing by fans on Twitter.

"Mike & Molly" Season 3 is due to premiere on CBS in September 2012.

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