Mike Moustakas Discusses Matt Harvey's Game 5 World Series Collapse

"He wanted the ball. He is a competitor. Guys want the ball in that situation."

It seems like ages ago that the New York Mets lost what could have been their first World Series title in 29 years. Instead, the Kansas City Royals took the crown in stellar fashion, racking up four come-from-behind World Series wins.

But the one victory that stands out most was Game 5 at Citi Field. Mets starter Matt Harvey dazzled through eight shutout innings, and his knockout performance led manager Terry Collins to send the All-Star pitcher out for the ninth in a 2-0 Mets lead. Fans and media who doubted Harvey's ninth-inning stamina questioned the decision.

When Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas sat down with HuffPost Live's Alex Miranda on Thursday to discuss his partnership with Stouffer’s Fit Kitchen, he explained why he doesn't fault Collins' choice.

Moustakas explained:

I thought it was a great decision. ... I know Matt, and I know Matt wanted the ball. He’s your guy. You send your guy back out there, and I didn’t even think about them bringing anyone else in. I had my at-bat -- I was third up that inning -- and I anticipated on facing Harvey. So, you know, I was preparing my at-bat like I was. And then he came out of the dugout and I was like, ‘Alright, here we go.’ But I didn’t see anything wrong with it. He wanted the ball. He is a competitor. Guys want the ball in that situation. He didn’t really have much trouble throughout that entire game, so I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t let him go back out there.

Harvey was responsible for the game-tying run that inning in what amounted to be an extra-inning loss, clinching Kansas City's first World Series championship since 1985. In 2014, the Royals lost the series to the San Francisco Giants in Game 7.

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