'Fake Christian' Trends On Twitter As Critics Skewer Chilly Mike Pence At Migrant Center

"Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does," notes one person to the overtly pious vice president.

Vice President Mike Pence — who has called his Christian faith a “dominant” influence in his life — skipped expressing Christ-like compassion Friday at a jam-packed Texas immigrant detention facility where men in cages shouted that they were hungry and hadn’t been allowed to bathe for weeks.

Pence looked stiff, uncomfortable and almost angry amid the squalor of the center in McAllen, where conditions are ultimately the responsibility of the Trump administration.

Pence told reporters later that he wasn’t surprised by what he saw, even though the men have to sleep on the concrete floor without mats or pillows — when they can find the space amid detainees pressed shoulder-to-shoulder. Pence blamed Democrats on Twitter for not funding “additional bed space.”

Lawmakers, including Democrats, have already approved a $4.6 billion package for supplemental emergency funding.

Pence also blasted CNN for it reports that have detailed the appalling conditions in the center.

The hashtag “Fake Christian” was suddenly trending on Twitter, as various posts derided Pence.

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